Namely, because we’re good at – and passionate about – what we do. One thing that you’ll notice about Kingsmen Agency, is that there’s a recurring theme repeated throughout our site and all of our communications platforms.

We help to create an emotional connection between the brands we represent and their audiences.

To deliver this, we use every talent, skill, and technology at our disposal. Our multi-national team of content creatives and expert market analysts ensure that our finger is on the pulse of the latest trends at all times. As soon as we know where a wave towards a future possibility is flowing, our clients do too – and we’re happy to take them with us.
Equally – if not more – important, is that we don’t like to waste our time, meaning that we’ll never waste yours. We have a proven record for delivering on time, on budget, and better still – we’re great to work with!

In line with our vision and mission to provide our clients with bespoke services that strengthen the connection to their target audience, we cover all the bases: Startups and small businesses can enjoy a range of niche friendly solutions, while more established brands can tailor their needs to meet an expanding market. 

We’re a digital marking agency that develops your brand by helping you to communicate your mission, core values, and clarify your positioning in the marketplace. We are motivated by nurturing relationships, and use the insights gained to help you exceed your potential. To this end, you’ll find that our service offerings are flexible and easily modified to suit your needs. As creatives who love finding innovative ways to tell unforgettable stories about the brands we represent, we’re here to serve you!

For Start-ups & Small Businesses

Starting any new business venture – regardless of size – is an exciting but somewhat stressful endeavour. We’re here to take care of ‘how’ to create engaging and relevant marketing so that our clients can focus on delivering the ‘wow’ factor that their produce/service will bring to the marketplace once launched. Services include (but are not limited to)

Social Media

A digital and traditional marketing agency that helps you build your brand. Storytellers at heart, we specify your brand’s voice and craft a story that connects your brand to your audience through social media or any other panel. We take your business to the next level through dedicated and intelligent marketing. We aim to help our clients create meaningful relationships with their audience and build better brands through connected digital experiences, designs, content, strategies, and marketing tactics.  


When consumers can buy just about anything from anywhere (and probably find what you’re selling at a lower price elsewhere), branding is more important than ever. All of the strongest brands have one thing in common: A clearly defined identity that they share with their consumers. By carefully curating a connected set of experiences (e.g., promotional campaigns), that identity is reinforced, and brand loyalty and business profitability are established. 

Web Design & Development

Sure, you can create a free website in a couple of hours, but if you’re serious about developing your brand, web design is essential: It impacts how your audience perceives you. So you want a site that will create a fantastic first impression, get customers to engage with your content (watch videos, read blogs), and respond to your calls-to-action (signup for the newsletter, buy a product, follow you on FB). 


60% of consumers who use an online search say that they prefer to contact a business whose listing includes an image. Now more than ever, a picture says 1000 words. And in a world where consumers want everything now, companies have only a couple of seconds to grab their attention. So images need to be sharp, relevant, and shareable. They will further establish brand identity, but they’ll also tap into emotions and deepen the connection that we’re looking to develop. 


Did you know that video generates 1200% more shares than images and text combined? Because videos are easily digestible, they make a more lasting impression on an audience than static content. Creating an emotional connection to one’s audience is the key to business development. When combined with a powerful narrative, video and motion graphics can make your brand unforgettable.