Marketing Tips small Businesses can follow on 2019

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August 6, 2019

Marketing Tips small Businesses can follow on 2019

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Whenever you are developing a service or a product, your ultimate goal is reaching customers. that can only be achievable through marketing. Regardless of whether you are a multinational business or just a startup, you need to have an excellent marketing strategy. The growth of your business goes hand in hand with the quality of your marketing strategy.

If we take an example of a small scale business, it can be a little hard for such small businesses to market their product at first. Moreover, there are lots of stages which one need to go through if they want to do the marketing of any business.

However, despite the amount of effort that goes into it, an effective marketing strategy will help your business come into the focus.

Here are some marketing tips for your business according to the trends of the year 2019.

Tip 1: Focus on the Biggest Marketing Platforms

If you just search the keyword “marketing platforms”, you’ll get millions of search results just in seconds. There are a number of marketing platforms on the internet, but using all those platforms at the same time can be financially straining for your business. Moreover, you will need to invest a great amount of time to make different strategies for all those platforms.

So, whenever you are opting for a channel through which you want to market your media try various channels and see what works best for you. Experimenting is a big part of marketing. You need to experiment and analyze which marketing platform is best for your service or product.

For example- If you are a business to business service provider you will use professional platforms like LinkedIn or a B2B website. Platforms like Instagram wouldn’t be as efficient for your business as would LinkedIn.

On the other hand, if you want your business to reach common people you must use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Ask yourself where your potential customer base lies before choosing a marketing platform for your product.

If you analyze your customer base well, it will help you get the best ROI (Returns on Investments).

Tip 2: Increase Customer Engagement Through Various Campaigns

If your customers are engaging with your brand on a daily basis it will help them get familiar with your brand faster. There are numerous ways through which you can increase the customer engagement.
1. Email Marketing Campaigns
2. Social Media Marketing Campaigns
3. Surveys

The ways given above will help you increase the customer engagement as well as allow you to analyze your customers’ opinions on your product.

If you want to turn your website visiting customers into paying customers, you need to choose the best tools. There are many ways to increase the engagement in a cost effective way. Below are few things you need to do when you are carrying out a marketing campaign.
1. Create database of your potential customers.
2. Try to reach them with the platforms given above.
3. Analyze their feedback on your efforts.

To collect data from your potential customers by offering them to sign contact forms, pop ups or email campaigning. Knowing your potential customer base and their expectations is strongly recommended.

Tip 3: Try to advertise your best content

Whenever you are advertising any keywords try to advertise your best content. The first ever requirement in any piece of content that you produce should be quality.

There are basically two things. Either you can invest lots of money and get returns or you can invest money strategically and get the exact same amount of returns.

You always need to keep an eye on the trends and changes in your potential market. For example, try to track which marketing platforms are growing most rapidly.

Tip 4: Tell your story

Now, when you are creating something unique, you need to build a customer base for your brand. You also need to create a unique story that revolves around your brand. Think about the ways that can create a positive image of your brand in the market. You can create the required content using the following tips:
1. Get to know your audience and their preferences
2. Make your content as entertaining as possible
3. Keep changing your content according to the changing trends of the industry

Tip 5: Create Audio-visual content

If your content is in an audio visual format instead of a textual format, it is likely to attract more people. You can create the following content which is relevant to your brand.
1. Infographics, memes
2. YouTube videos
3. Short videos
4. Animated Videos
An audio visual format will make your content more interesting and easy to consume.

You need to establish a positive image around your brand if you are in the industry. Marketing takes effort and patience. You can’t get results overnight. But if you consistently do good work it will definitely pay off.

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