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Kingsmen Agency (Active Business)

Kingsmen Agency is a digital marketing agency which differs from others. How?

We work with a specialized international team – (designers, web developers, content writers, account managers); only the best skills on this team, qualified to the fullest.

We work with the best international brands – they trust us.

The Boring Shop (Active Business)

Contrary to its name, The Boring Shop is a unique e-commerce business promoting products worldwide! How?

Through The Boring shop, we aim to bring together the fun, the community, and education by providing the best products in the market with favorable prices and top quality. We use the latest and most advanced technologies, strategies, and tools to ensure a pleasant and easy experience for our customers worldwide.

Gym Grill Dubai (Under Development)

Gym Grill, an unforgettable experience for every health and gym enthusiast! Why?

With the help and support of Dr. Angie Kassabie, an internationally known dietitian who worked with many stars like Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Rocky himself, and many others, Gym Grill aims to provide an exceptional dining experience to stay healthy and fit. Every meal and meal plan is worked on and tailored by Dr. Kassabie for our customers to eat and stay healthy.

HYPT All Access (Under Development)

HYPT, a one-access app for every event, venue, and experience in your area! How?

With HYPT All Access, we aim to build the bridge between social networking and lifestyle management together. It is the first social networking, self-service ticketing, booking, and event planning platform; HYPT is a great intermediary for business to user communication. We are bringing and connecting businesses and users directly and in real-time by helping them promote their profiles directly.

FYT Basics USA (Under Development)

FYT Basics USA is a men’s clothing brand that provides more than just clothing. How?

FYT Basics aims to bring people together through a sense of fashion and unity. This sense of unity is the driving force of the companies’ overall mission, and it provides a sense of style to many men located worldwide. There are no limits in fashion, and these are the boundaries that we would like to push through FYT Basics.

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