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Food Photography in Dubai

Food Photography in Dubai & Culinary Rising Stars

More than simply posting pretty pictures of meals you’re enjoying on Instagram, food photography is a specialization of commercial photography. This is what restaurants, chefs, food bloggers and anyone else involved in the Food & Beverages Industry needs to help their business grow.

Best Food Photography in Dubai

With the Middle East being nominated as one of the best destinations for the World Culinary Awards, food photography in Dubai is on the rise and Kingsmen Agency is taking centre stage.

With culinary clients that include Rotana Café, Ravioli Club, Lucky Fish, and Trouville our portfolio highlights that we:

  • Have the skills set to bring still life photography to life
  • Can create attractive but realistic representations of food
  • Understand diversity and tailor-make our approach to suit each client

What does it take to provide the best food photography services?

An excellent team! Food photography takes a lot more than the outdated ‘point-and-shoot’ approach and is a collaborative effort. When it comes to food photography in Dubai, small but dedicated production teams can include:

  • An art director
  • A photographer
  • A food stylist
  • A prop stylist
  • Chefs

If you’re looking at this list and wondering why an entire team is needed to take pictures of food, consider this: A chef can create a beautiful plate of food, but does he/she have the photography skills needed to make the image look 3 dimensional? A photographer can take outstanding photos, but do they have the know-how on how to convey the specific mood and emotions that influence customers to take the desired action?

Clearly, photography is vital to your storytelling and marketing approach. Choosing the best services for food photography in Dubai is the best way to get there.

Food Photography in Dubai
Top factors to consider for food photography in dubai,UAE

At Kingsmen Agency, we consider all variables and every photoshoot – from restaurant dishes to packaged foods – reflects that:

  • We are always prepared
  • We have an outstanding visual perspective
  • We avoid all unnecessary components to make the food the real subject of the image
  • We set the tone so that your clients aren’t simply looking at a picture of food: They’re experiencing what it will taste like as well as the mood that will go with it

More importantly, at Kingsmen Agency, we understand creative perspectives: While most food photography in Dubai is taken from the same perspective as the diner (i.e. straight down from above), we try to also go for new angles that will make images more attractive and memorable.

Food Photography in Dubai

On all of our food photography shoots, we prefer to focus on the subject for a tasteful & uncluttered look. We have the same mentality when dealing with our clients: YOU are the subject and our approach to delivering the services you need to develop your brand and business is the same.


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