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Women’s Day

Every day is Women’s day at Kingsmen Agency


I want to personally wish all women a Happy Women’s Day.


Being surrounded by a great team of hard-working, motivated, creative, inspiring and amazing women every day at Kingsmen, I would like to show my gratitude and appreciation to all women in the world of business.

From my personal experience, I believe that women contribute a major part in the acceleration and success of all industries, drive and persist in everything they give out throughout their work in a manner that is indescribably beautiful.


Around the world, many talented and successful women have been building and paving roads to tremendous achievements within different sectors. Women in business have had a huge impact on the world’s economy, building, innovating, inspiring and taking over the world’s largest corporations, making a significant difference for communities and the world as a whole.

While gender divide and inequality have had their time, it is the thing of the past, however, women still face many challenges today in starting, developing and leading businesses. Women in many different parts of the globe, have been fighting for their voices to be heard, to make a change within their environment and make their surroundings a better place.

The strongest leaders such as Angela Merkel ex- Chancellor of Germany, Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, and many more have worked and pushed through long and hard times to get to the point of where they are today. To battle the norms of a man’s world and prove that women are capable of achieving greatness.

These are some facts that I’ve found about women in business:


  • Almost four out of every 10 business in the United States are women-owned
  • In the Middle East, fewer than 10% of companies are owned by women
  • Middle Eastern women who own businesses are the most ambitious, self-driven, and are most likely to do business at an international scale
  • Across the world, women make up 36% of small-business owners


Women have come a long way to reach where they are today, however, there is still a long way to go. According to the Center for Women’s Business Research, it has been found that female entrepreneurs generate $2.3 trillion to the American economy and have employed more than 18 million people. This goes to show, the strong willpower and motivation that women possess, and the dedication that they have.


At Kingsmen Agency, I can tell you, that my company wouldn’t be at the success rate it is at today if it weren’t for the amazing women working hard every day on our team. I am proud to say that about 65% of our employees are women, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The women present at Kingsmen are strong, confident and have extreme attention to detail. Multi-tasking through the day in such a graceful and mind-blowing way.


There are many well-known women that have succeeded tremendously in their career that have created empires for themselves. To all the women out there, that are too afraid to get a head start in the world of business, don’t be! Get inspired, stand up for what you believe in, be the voice of change.


Finally, empowering women and showing them gratitude on International Women’s Day isn’t enough, it’s through the sustainability of support and progress where change is bound to happen. Always make sure to remind your women employees and women in the workforce that they are valued, respected and heard is crucial. Encourage all the women around how wonderful they are, without them the world wouldn’t be turning and be the way it is today!


With all this being said, Happy International Women’s Day!

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