SMS Marketing Dubai

SMS Marketing Dubai

SMS Marketing Dubai

SMS Marketing Dubai: How can it Help Your Business?

Most successful groundbreaking startups usually find value in state-of-the-art innovations, while businesses that play it safe are most likely to be left behind. Sometimes, however, we focus so much on the latest techs that we fail to recognize and appreciate the value in the old. Take SMS marketing for example, many would think of it as an outdated concept. On the other hand, businesses today are adopting technologies that reach places their audience can’t live without—their mobile devices. So, how SMS marketing Dubai agency can help your business grow more efficiently?

Let’s unveil all the advantages our clients are getting with SMS marketing in Dubai.

More Effective than Emails

In this day and age, an average person looks at his/her phone at least 150 times per day, and 98% of text messages are opened and read. This gives SMS a higher read and responses rate than all other advertising options. Therefore, allowing you to reach your audience in a snap of a finger, and literally put your message within their reach and easy access through their mobile devices.

Cost Effective

Kingsmen’s SMS marketing services offers bulk messaging which allows businesses to reach out to thousands of customers Dubai wide in a very short span of time. This method is less costly and is much more affordable than any other marketing options such as paid advertising. Our clients have increased their sales upon acquiring our SMS marketing Dubai service. In addition, we have targeted niche demographic audiences in in Dubai and other emirates for small to mid-size companies. So, rest assured, the unique needs of your business will be considered and your target will be met.

Large Reach

Spams or other email filters won’t be a problem in text messages. As a matter of fact, receiving SMS does not even require internet. With the increased usage of smartphones, SMS marketing in Dubai is nothing less of a goldmine. In addition, it is more of a direct connection to your customer than any other marketing strategy, and no barriers!

Immediate and Instant Delivery

Today, due to technological advancements, making a phone call and sending a message anywhere in the world is now done without any problem. Our secure network can get in touch with your existing and prospect customers instantly and at the same time is reliable to deliver your specials, coupons promotion alerts and so forth.

Strong CTA

SMS has an average conversion rate of 8% compared to email that only has 2% and 1% for web. Our SMS marketing Dubai team has gained experience over the years of marketing small to medium sized businesses all over Dubai. With a proven strategy to boost the campaign outright, you can expect more user engagement; thus, increasing your sales.

With SMS Marketing, you can catch your customer’s attention through the most immediate channel.

So, how do we do it?

Mobile is revolutionizing how businesses can reach new customers. With the right content coupled with good timing and significant database, it can be an advantage and a good outreach to gain new customers. Our targeting options are as follows:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Income
  • Location
  • Their interest
  • Favorites

Let Kingsmen Agency assists you in expanding your reach with the latest state-of-the-art marketing tool available in the market today. Get the results your business deserves! We provide full and premium service SMS marketing Dubai has to offer at the most reasonable rates.

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