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Online Dating – When? How? And Why?

The one day of the year where people who aren’t in a relationship are constantly reminded of it, by seeing posts of their friends and family on Instagram, Facebook, and all other platforms, showing off the flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and amazing candle-lit dinners they receive, making you wish that next year you don’t want to be alone for Valentine’s Day. With the pandemic, meeting and dating people has been a little challenging.


But… there is no need to worry about how to meet new people, especially during these trying times, with a little help of technologies’ cupids, you are able to meet your potential partner. Dating apps and websites, as well as social media platforms, have been on the rise for finding love, especially during the last year.


However, let us tell you a little bit about the history of how and when dating apps or websites came to life. It all started when in the 17th century before the internet ever existed, people used to hang up advertisements or carve out messages into trees to communicate their need for human contact. These means of communications were mainly used to find bachelor’s wives. As the years went on, these advertisements were viewed as taboo in communities and people resorted to using code words and other signals in advertisements that were hung up when they were in need to seek partners.



Later on, with the emergence of the newspaper, where it was mainly created to be able to communicate news and the latest updates within the community, it also became a way of trying to find matches with people who needed partners. The first person to do so was a woman called Helen Morrison, where she had written a love column, calling out men who were interested in meeting her. Thus, over time advertisements and love columns were the new trend for women and men, in particular, to voice out that they are seeking to marry and find eligible wives. This specific type of communication was used as the main mean throughout the 18th and 19th centuries as well. From farmers and shepherds not being able to take the time and meet women as they had to take care of their duties resorted to these forms of calling out women to join them, to World War Soldiers seeking out pen pals bringing them a little bit of joy and comfort during the harsh times of war.



It was not until the 1960’s that virtual match-making emerged with the world’s first computer dating service called Operation Match, where users would fill out a questionnaire and based on their answers receive a list of potential matches. With the development of mass media and technology during the end of the 20th century and heading into the beginning of the century, it has been much easier for people to express how they feel and get the chance to meet and find people online. There was a boom of online dating services that have emerged, where people all across the world could access. The internet revolutionized the process of finding partners. One of the first online platforms that had a huge success was


After a long journey, finding love nowadays is much simpler than it was before, we literarily can choose the people we want to engage with a click of a button, or a swipe depending on which application or platform we’re using. Dating in the current generation has replaced the traditional meaning. If you think about it dating applications are just a more advanced, accessible, and innovative tool that is able to match people with each other from all over the world.



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