Contactless Dining Post COVID-19

Contactless Dining Post COVID-19

Contactless Dining Post COVID-19

Contactless Dining is set to be the NEW NORM and we’ve rounded up 11 Easy Steps to get on board and resume restaurant operations!


  • Get The Word Out!

Let your diners know about the measures your restaurant is taking to build their confidence. Share live progress via SM and Email campaigns.

  • Reservations from a Far!

Ensure minimal contact with the front of house by encouraging diners to make reservations in advance.

  • No One Likes to Wait Anyways!

Adopt a pre-order system to ensure reduced wait time & faster service!

  • Get in Line, Online!

Crowd management doesn’t need to be a challenge! Adopt a digital valet to streamline operations and avoid long queues!

  • Safety First

Mandatory Temperature checks with thermal scanners will be the new metal detectors!

  • Me, Myself and I

Promote self-check-in to reduce direct contact. Allow diners to enter their details using their mobiles or restaurant tablets to self seat.

  • Today’s Menu: Touchless

Gone are the days of a physical menu! Promote touchless ordering by keeping things digital or posting the menu on a wall in a way the entire venue can see it.

  • Dirty Money

Avoid physical currency by providing digital payment options. Using digital payments or e-wallets reduces the chance of exchanging cash!

  • Handle With Care

Make sure inventory it is handled carefully and sterilized before use

  • Keep it Clean

Sanitizers on every table, clean toilets, sanitizing of restaurant furniture must be mandatory! Encourage food handlers and servers to wear masks and gloves!

  • Take it Away!

Open up new revenue streams by offering contactless delivery, takeaway and drive-through!

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