Who we are?

Kingsmen is an event planning and marketing management company based in Dubai. Our company provides management services: digital marketing and luxury lifestyle. We create, plan and manage top-performing digital campaigns for any type of business to lead it towards its goals and help it grow. Kingsmen also handles your luxurious lifestyle management by offering services tailored to your needs, handling everything from A to Z.

We strive to lead the market of the digital industry.


The kingsmen team covers the whole process from the beginning till the very end.


Once we are assigned to handle the management of a digital marketing campaign, we start first by analyzing the data to have a solid base for our plan.


After submitting the analysis, our team will prepare the required plan by their joint efforts and creative ideas. A full plan will be issued and ready to be implemented.


The detailed plan produced will be implemented and followed up by our team, who will always be available for any adjustment.

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