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Who We Are

Kingsmen is an advertising and marketing management company based in the UAE. We are one of the best leading marketing management agency in Dubai with clients & staff all over the world from Dubai to Egypt, Ukraine, Lebanon & UK. Our company provides remarkable digital marketing and social media management services to an array of different industries. We create, plan and manage top-performing digital campaigns for  any type of business to aid growth and help achieve their goals efficiently.

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Our Vision

At Kingsmen Agency, we understand that an emotional connection is essential to developing a relationship between audiences and a brand. For this reason, we provide our clients with creative content that informs, entertains, and provides value to their audiences to strengthen this connection. In return, it builds a relationship based on trust – and ultimately improves business performance.

We’re a top digital marketing agency in Dubai that provides our clients with bespoke services. These services range from website development and SMS marketing; to social media management, PR, and organizing networking events.

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Our Mission

As a marketing management company, we strive to accelerate business growth for our clients using our mastery of digital technologies. This way, we’re able to build a bridge that connects our clients’ current capabilities to their future potential and accompanies them every step of the way.


For us, the future is global. To this end, we have curated an international team of experts who share our values, and consistently strive to strengthen the connection between our clients and their audiences.

Message from our CEO

The digital era has made significant changes in the business field. Companies and organizations today are no longer satisfied with the traditional marketing results. The arising value of digital marketing and social media and the urge to keep up with the digital revolution gave us the necessary motivation to start Kingsmen Agency.

We have proudly gathered a loyal international team that is expanding every day. For me, I think the reason behind our loud success is the different nationalities and the worldwide creativity gathered under one name, Kingsmen Agency.

Through this long journey, we have built a solid trust-based relationship with our clients. We understand that their success reflects ours and that we only grow by pushing them towards their business objectives. The variety of our clients and the number of sectors we have dealt with provides us with unparalleled experience to leverage the digital exposure of any business, anywhere, anytime.

Firass Abbass

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